Daybreak acquires exclusive rights to bring The NewClient Generator Ver 2.0 to Canadian Radio Broadcasters

Daybreak Communications of Mississauga, Ontario acquires exclusive rights to bring
The NewClient Generator Ver 2.0 to Canadian Radio Broadcasters

 (Mississauga, ON)  — Just weeks after the ComStar Network of Florida announced its major upgrade and release of “The New Client Generator 2.0” Daybreak Communications is ensuring Canadian broadcasters have the opportunity to secure the service for their clients and the radio sales departments.

Under the terms of the agreement, Daybreak Communications will become the exclusive agent for The New Client Generator 2.0 in Canada.    In the USA “The NewClient Generator 2.0 is experiencing unprecedented deployment success,” said Carrie Michaels General Manager at ComStar Network.

With the dramatic erosion of the print media in recent years, newspaper and Yellow Pages advertisers have been leaving in record numbers.  Since 2006 newspapers have fallen nearly 48% according to the Newspaper Association of America’s “State of the News Media 2011” Pew Research study. Recently a panel of industry experts predicted that printed Yellow Pages directories will be dead within five years – freeing up some $9 billion in annual ad revenues according to Borrell Associates survey – July 2011.  The situation in Canada is very similar.

To take advantage of this massive advertiser desertion of print media in the next five years, the ComStar Network has developed a multimedia sales system, the New Client Generator 2.0. It’s designed to target print advertisers and convert them to radio as well as to provide an important outbound marketing tool and in-house resource centre.

The New Client Generator 2.0 consists of 10 powerful sales modules working together to help grow new revenues. It includes an Email Marketing Module, a Pro Radio Website, online Sales Training Center for reps, Business Resource Center for clients, pre-written sales proposals, and HotCopy, a powerful creative tool containing thousands of pieces of pre-written radio copy in over 300 categories. In addition the New Client Generator 2.0 features a Radio Facts Center, pre-written promos, and a Shop Local program.

“The New Client Generator has been specifically designed for radio stations that want to target print advertisers looking for a new advertising home,” says ComStar President and CEO Sandy Davis.  “With radio bringing in a little over 1.5 billion in 2011 in Canada, newspaper revenues at 2.2 billion the same year, and Yellow Pages dramatically losing money from its remaining print holdings, there is an incredible opportunity to convert massive print dollars to radio dollars in the next few years.”

“The program is totally focused on generating sales for broadcasters, it’s branded for the local radio station (or cluster), and requires no work on the part of the broadcaster.” said Craig Mills President at Daybreak Communications.  “Introductory pricing will be scaled in Canada by market size.  There is no other offering like it in Canada now.”

Canadian stations interested in information on The New Client Generator 2.0 can contact Craig Mills at 1-800-516-1595 ext 3 or email:   Further information also at

About Daybreak Communications:   Daybreak Communications delivers turn-key execution of revenue generating ideas for Broadcasters;   Media Relations; Project Management for On-Line initiatives & Visual Mediums.  The firm works with broadcasters, educators, production houses, and event marketers in campaign management.  The principal has over 20 years experience working with broadcast management in Canada to pro-actively plan innovative promotions with set sales and programming objectives.

About ComStar Network: The ComStar Network helps broadcasters increase ratings and revenues in both the US and Canada. The Comstar Network supplies all types of programming and services to radio stations including Radio and Internet Consulting, SmartSite Systems – a turnkey Hyperlocal Websites for broadcasters, HotCopy-North America’s largest online database of pre-written radio copy, and High School SportSite-for stations that want to own the local high school sports image in their market.

For Additional Information:
Craig Mills CMM
Daybreak Communications
Phone: 1-800-516-1595 ext 3
Additional Contacts:
Carrie Michaels
ComStar Network
Phone: 1-800-516-1595

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